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Neoprene accessories

Mister B offers a big collection of high-quality neoprene clothing, made and designed by our in-house team of kink experts, including aprons, harnesses, shirts and vests. All of them feel nice and snug and they look absolutely amazing, because of that trademark neoprene shine. We also sell some really cool neoprene accessories like socks, biceps bands, wrist bands and cock straps.

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Neoprene socks

The Mister B Neoprene Socks are perfect for wet play. They come in six vibrant colours: red, yellow, blue, white, green and grey. Check out the Neoprene Socks Blue Tall and the Neoprene Socks Yellow Tall for example. Our neoprene socks feature double Neo-Stretch rubberized stripes. The toe and heel are open to allow breathing room. Our neoprene biceps bands and wrist wallets are available in the same colours as the socks and both are great options to complete your neoprene outfit. They are elastic, have mesh bindings and are very comfortable to wear. Check out the Mister B Neoprene Biceps Band Black Yellow and the Mister B Neoprene Wrist Wallet Black Red as an example.


Other neoprene accessories

You can also find other neoprene accessories in the online store, targeted at making the most out of your play session, like the Neoprene Sling Band. This band makes fucking your partner really easy because it emulates a sling. Added bonus is that it’s lightweight and simple to take with you when you are travelling. If you’re looking for a playmat for heavy action, that’s simple to clean, you should try the Neoprene Playsheet 120 x 200 cm. Throw it over your bed or spread it out on the floor for some wild wrestling, slip and slide action and piss play.


Neoprene clothing and more

Looking for more neoprene clothing? Then check out our selection of neoprene arm and wrist straps, neoprene harnesses, neoprene underwear, neoprene vests and shirts and neoprene aprons. And if neoprene isn’t your only fetish, you should definitely take a look at our leather clothing and rubber clothing!