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Mister B loves a nice pair of lowhangers. That’s why we offer a wild variety of ballstretchers that will make sure your testicles get pushed down properly. We offer ballstretchers made from leather, silicone and metal, designed by our own expert kink team, as well as ones made by popular sex toy brands like Oxballs and BON4. Give your sack the stretch it deserves with the Mister B ballstretcher collection!

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Ball stretching toys

Mister B’s leather ballstretchers are made from sturdy saddle leather and they are perfect for stretching your testicles without having to deal with the weight of their metal counterparts. You can close, tighten or loosen the ballstretcher with the leather lace. The Mister B Leather Ball Stretcher is available in different heights: 3 cm, 5 cm, 7 cm and 9 cm. We also offer the Mister B Leather Lead Weighted Ball Stretcher 250 g, made from leather and filled with lead, which makes it both soft and heavy!



Oxballs is known for making imaginative sex toys that deliver. When it comes to ballstretchers this kinky company went all out. The Oxballs BALLS-T Ballstretcher Blueballs for example is stretchy, squishy and grips your sack in just the right way. It’s made from Pure Platinum silicone and wraps around your balls as if it’s part of your body. With a height of 3,18 cm it gives you a nice stretch, while looking insanely sexy at the same time. Looking for some extra stretch? Try the Oxballs SQUEEZE Ball Stretcher Red. It feels like a hand tugging your junk. This red monster will definitely strangle the life out of your boys!


Testicle stretching

Try testicle stretching with one of BON4’s magnetic ballstretchers, like the BON4M Magnetic Oval Ball Stretcher Stackable 24 mm. Place these stainless steel sex toys on top of each other and they act as one single ballstretcher. These BON4 toys are available in three different heights: 12 mm, 24 mm and 36 mm high. A great feature of these ballstretchers is that they are oval-shaped, since no ball sack is perfectly round.


Cock and ball torture

Are you looking for more gear to torture your cock and balls with? Check out our pages on cockstraps, cockrings, ball torture, ball weights, parachutes, dickplugs and cocksheaths. Make sure to visit the Mister B online shop regularly for new additions to our wicked collection of BDSM gear!