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TSX at Mister B

TSX makes sex toys that make you beg for more. The American company manufactures cock sheaths, extenders, dildos and plugs that invade your hole like no other sex toy can. Most TSX products look like they are on steroids: they are big, fat, sturdy and massive. All of them are made with a phthalate free PVC formula. Get your favourite at Mister B ASAP!

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TSX toys for naughty boys and girls

TSX toys are fun for naughty boys and girls. One of our favourites is the TSX Butt Plug Extender. This little gem has a round shaft with some light veining and a fat head that looks like a butt plug. This extender produces a nice pop going both in and out. All TSX extenders have a feature that other similar toys do not have: a 32 mm (stretchy) hole to slip your balls through that helps keep the extender in place.


TSX toys and more

TSX also offers big fat dildos like the TSX Polyphemus. The Polyphemus is a beauty to look at and it will definitely fill your hungry hole. This dildo comes with a suction base that you can attach to any smooth flat surface like a wall for example. Or you might like the TSX Ream and Dream. This is a gigantic thick delicious cock. Close your eyes when it's inside you, stretching you, filling you and you can really start dreaming. It's true to its name: ream and dream. Looking for other fun toys to play with? Check out our big selection of dildosfleshjacksanal ballsanal locksbutt plugs and prostate stimulators.