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Mister B Ball Stretcher With Buckle


Ball stretching can cause prolonged feelings of pleasure and horniness and can even help you to stay harder for longer. In other words, getting one for yourself might be a great idea! The Mister B Ball Stretcher With Buckle is an easy-to-use leather ball stretcher. It comes with leather straps on each side that you can use to hang extra weights from.

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Ball stretchers are amazing intimate toys. They tug on your testicles and put pressure on your balls, and all of that feels incredible while you are fucking or jerking off. The Mister B Ball Stretcher With Buckle is made from a sturdy, high-quality saddle leather. It wrap itself around your balls and closes with a metal buckle. It is effective and visually spectacular!

The Mister B Ball Stretcher With Buckle features a leather strap on each side of the toy. Each strap has a small metal D-ring at the end from which you can hang extra weight for a heavier stretch. Use the same weight on each side and the leather straps will enclose your balls for an extra tight feeling.

Mister B loves to experiment with all kinds of sex toys and we hope you feel the same. Next to the Mister B Ball Stretcher with Buckle we also offer many different ball stretchers made from materials ranging from silicone to metal. Check our webstore for all the options!


EAN 8718788009475
Brand Mister B
Size One Size
Colour Black
Weight (kg) 0.050000
Material Leather


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