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Sale at Mister B

Mister B is known worldwide for its high-quality fetish and BDSM gear, including the best looking rubber, leather and neoprene clothing, the horniest sex toys and bare necessities like condoms, lubes, creams and maintenance products. Like everyone we love a good sale. That's why you should visit this page regularly for the latest online offers from your favourite fetish store!


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  1. Oxballs-UNIT-X-Cocksling-Clear
    Oxballs UNIT-X Cocksling Clear
    Aanbiedingsprijs €  15,75 Normale prijs €  25,95
  2. Oxballs-TOOL-Sound-Black
    Oxballs TOOL Sound Black
    Aanbiedingsprijs €  35,67 Normale prijs €  53,95
  3. Oxballs-SACKSLING-2-Clear
    Oxballs SACKSLING 2 Clear
    Aanbiedingsprijs €  39,87 Normale prijs €  53,95
  4. Oxballs-SACKSLING-2-Electro-Black
    Oxballs SACKSLING 2 Electro Black
    Aanbiedingsprijs €  55,93 Normale prijs €  92,95
  5. Oxballs-SACKSLING-2-Electro-Clear
    Oxballs SACKSLING 2 Electro Clear
    Aanbiedingsprijs €  55,93 Normale prijs €  92,95
  6. Oxballs-SCREW'D-Jack-Off-Toy-Clear
    Oxballs SCREWD Jack Off Toy Clear
    Aanbiedingsprijs €  32,41 Normale prijs €  43,95
  7. /o/x/oxballs-gripper-smoke-663123.jpg
    Oxballs GRIPPER smoke
    Aanbiedingsprijs €  15,05 Normale prijs €  26,95
  8. Oxballs-COCK-T-Cockring-Slime
    Oxballs COCK-T Cockring Slime
    Aanbiedingsprijs €  17,47 Normale prijs €  29,95
  9. Oxballs-BALLS-XL-Ballstretcher-Red
    Oxballs BALLS-XL Ballstretcher Red
    Aanbiedingsprijs €  22,75 Normale prijs €  36,95
  10. /o/x/oxballs-gauge-cockring-steel-565035-f.jpg
    Oxballs GAUGE Cockring Steel
    Aanbiedingsprijs €  11,17 Normale prijs €  16,95
  11. /o/x/oxballs-gauge-cockring-police-blue-565036-f.jpg
    Oxballs GAUGE Cockring Police Blue
    Aanbiedingsprijs €  11,17 Normale prijs €  16,95
  12. Oxballs-BUTCH-Cocksheath-Steel
    Oxballs BUTCH Cocksheath Steel
    Aanbiedingsprijs €  47,78 Normale prijs €  68,95
  13. /5/6/565041.jpg
    Oxballs SQUEEZE Ball Stretcher Steel
    Aanbiedingsprijs €  12,25 Normale prijs €  21,95
  14. /5/6/565042.jpg
    Oxballs COCKSLING-2 Ice Blue
    Aanbiedingsprijs €  15,05 Normale prijs €  24,95
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Producten 1-30 van 176

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Mister B Brandstores

Next to our online sales section we sometimes also offer discounts in our Mister B Brandstores in Amsterdam, Antwerp and Berlin. Our brandstores offer an extensive range of gay and fetish products. Take a look around and try on your favourite gear. Our friendly sales staff will welcome you with a cup of coffee or tea and some expert advice. They’ll be happy to answer all your questions about our collection. And while you are at it pick up the latest copy of our free fetish magazine Wings!


Online BDSM collection

Can't find what you need in our sales section? Check out our regular fetish and BDSM collection online! From super sexy rubber jeans, leather shirts and neoprene harnesses to puppy tails, rope and premium bondage gear, the Mister B online store is your one-stop-shop for all your BDSM needs and wishes! And if you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.