Gijs from test
Gijs van der Zwaag
Sales Assistant

A Story Written Together

There are no big fetishes in my life as of yet, but I do have the firm conviction that a dirty mind is a joy forever! That’s why I think that almost everyone has some kind of fetish. There are so many interesting aspects I’ve learned and to which I can relate, but the most important one is about BDSM: a story that you write together. No single person is in total control, unless the other has allowed it. A dialogue with equality as the base and with clarity on the do’s & don’ts makes almost anything possible. This, to me, is what a healthy and prosperous business relationship should be about, always in dialogue and wanting to grow together.

Happy twist of fate

My best friend was approached by our HR-manager at the time about a vacancy at the Sales Department of Mister B’s head office. Prerequisites: command of the French language and prior experience in the erotic industry. As I was done with the hospitality business and looking for new challenges, my friend called me immediately about this opportunity. I sent my CV, got invited for an interview two days later and got hired within the week. We hit it off right away, and the only person I can think of being happier than myself is my mother, for me finally having a ‘decent job’!

Mister B

As the branche we’re operating in is quite a ‘creative’ one, no two days in the head office of Mister B are the same. Having worked in the gay hospitality business, meeting all kinds of colorful people, some of whom I already knew, is completely up my street.

From everywhere I get compliments about our store in the Warmoesstraat, where it all began in 1994. The heart of Amsterdam and in the middle of the Red Light District: I can’t think of a better of a better place to have your first of many business endeavours in this branche. A beautiful location with an open atmosphere and knowledgeable staff, are the perfect ingredients for people to overcome their shyness and just walk in and explore. Everything Mister B has to offer you can also buy online, but for specific things like fitting leathers or exploring the realm of electro stimulation, a visit to the store really has a surplus value. Quality is paramount and we’re operating in the upper echelons of the fetish industry, which gives a store visit a feeling of luxury, with the staff assisting you in the most respectful, professional, but also ‘normal’ way.

These joint experiences are the best way of giving you what you want…what you really want ? This is also reflected in the way we conduct business on a wholesale level: anything is discussable and we have a lot of fun with our clients, next to doing good business of course.

Sales and Marketing joining forces

Sex is foremost an emotion, and this can be powerfully conveyed in very different ways. As a sales person I’m in touch with our wholesale clients in several regions. As marketing approaches these same regions through advertising, parties & local fetish organizations, the main challenge is to bring all this together. For this, an open dialogue is essential: internally - between colleagues and departments by sharing knowledge and experience(s), as well as externally – approaching the scene from all possible angles. My main responsibilities are recruiting, visiting and supporting clients, going to trade fairs, and bringing all this back to headquarters, so we can meet everyone’s sexy needs and continue writing the Mister B story together.

Gijs van der Zwaag is working for Mister B Wholesale & Internet B.V. since July 2014, and is mainly responsible for wholesale business relations in Holland, UK, France and Eastern Europe.

Gijs from test
Robin Spanjaart
Warehouse Employee

Everyone can be themselves at Mister B

I work at the warehouse of Mister B. We usually start the day by checking how much work there is. Then we go and ‘round up’ orders, a term a colleague came up with. It just means we start collecting ordered products. I always try to make sure that I pack the products in a way I would like to receive them. So I make sure they're neat and tidy. After all, that's how the customers want to receive things at home or at work. We don't just ship products to the Netherlands, we also ship boxes internationally. And then there are products people have ordered on our website, we also get those ready and packaged.


Fortunately there is enough variety for me at work. We also take care of the logistics services for a particular type of lubricant, for example. We work with about half a dozen people in the warehouse every day. That may seem a lot, but we do have our hands full. There is plenty to do.

This work is not new or unique to me, I have worked in the industry before. So I already knew a thing or two about it, and by working for Mister B I've expanded my knowledge even further. I just bounced around and ended up here, really. My family and friends know the kind of company I work for. They make the odd joke, but that's about it! You have to be able put up with the odd joke, of course. They don't think it's weird or anything.

Working here is better than just working at a supermarket. It suits me very well, I see no reason to stop, really. I do have a problem with the fact that I have to travel quite far to the warehouse in Amsterdam every day. I live in Almere, that's not very close. Especially because I have a young son, but once he is older and more independent, it should no longer be a problem. I keep that in mind.

I think it's really nice that everyone can be themselves at Mister B, it makes it a lovely place to work. We work with a very nice team. I'm also glad that the bosses treat us well.

Robin Spanjaart has been working at Mister B as warehouse employee since April 2016.

Joey Taffijn from test
Joey Taffijn
Finance officer

Is there enough money coming in?

I In a way our department is the heart of Mister B. Every action or transaction within our company is connected to the finance department. As a finance officer it's my daily job to take care of bills, make sure that people get paid or that people pay us and ask questions like 'Is there enough money coming in?' and 'Aren't we spending too much?'

Changing things for the better

I love it when everything is in balance and all our calculations are correct. My job can be exciting and fun - especially on days when I transfer big amounts of money. I get a kick out of figuring out how certain computer programs we use work best. It's a challenge to make things more efficient. To optimize the way we work. I think it's important in my position to focus on how you do your work. In that way you can keep growing as a company and as a person. That's how you change things for the better.

Proud of my colleagues

The atmosphere at our office is very relaxed. You can say anything and talk about everything. Whether it's your weekend adventures or losing one of your friends in a darkroom. We talk about these things during coffee and everyone loves to share. Mister B employees are also welcome at events we organise or fairs we attend. Last year I went on the Mister B boat for the first time during the Amsterdam Canal Pride, which was an amazing experience. I'm also going to visit Darklands in Antwerp for the first time. I want to see what my colleagues are doing there and also support them. I'm proud of the work they do for Mister B.

Mister B felt like a good idea

I really wanted to leave my previous job. I was mostly working with girls and all they could talk about was playing hockey, eating sushi and drinking gin tonics. And that wasn't my world. I really felt excluded - like I didn't belong there at all. Working for Mister B felt like a good idea. To me working here means working with likeminded people, who are very diverse at the same time. There are colleagues here who are into puppy play, others prefer heavy BDSM and some just like it vanilla. It's a great mix.

New to fetish

Fetish didn't play a part in my life before I started working at Mister B. I'm married and my husband doesn't really feel a connection to it. But I have to admit that I've started exploring the fetish world a bit more since I've started working here. Sometimes we get free products and that sparks an interest. It doesn't hurt to try right?

Joey Taffijn has been working as a finance officer for Mister B since July 2016.

Andre Taffijn from test
André Donker
Store manager Amsterdam

I see it as my store

I'm the store manager of the Mister B shop in Amsterdam. I really see it as my store. I'm responsible for things like sales, the collection, administration and concept monitoring. Together with my team we make it an interesting and fun fetish place to visit.

The perfect match

Mister B is the perfect work environment for me. I was already an active member of the Amsterdam leather scene way before I started my job here. Together with my husband I organise events and parties for XXXLeather in Club Church. My main fetish is leather and more recently I have discovered BDSM. When it comes to leather I love the material. It makes you feel really sexy when you wear it and it smells great. I discovered BDSM before I started working at Mister B. It's a whole new world to discover and since I've been working here it has become even more interesting to me.

The right characteristics

To me the perfect salesman needs to be social and he needs to have a certain drive to be able to sell things. He loves interacting with customers, likes giving them advice and he gets a kick out of seeing them leave with a smile on their face. Not just because they bought a great item from Mister B, but also because he has made them feel comfortable and at home at our store. These characteristics makes sure people want to come back. When you work in a store like this it's also important to have an affinity with the product you are selling.

Making fantasies come true

This is a fetish store and people come here to fulfil their fantasies. As a salesman you need to know how to respond to that. We get a lot of special requests from our customers. Recently we got a question about an overall. A customer wanted to know if we sold it without the backside. We told him it already had a zipper in place, but it was his fantasy to wear it with his ass exposed, so we offered to change the design for him. I love to get questions like that. It's one of the great things about working in this store. You really help someone to fulfil his fantasies. To me that's very important and exciting. We also have customers coming to our store who are already living out their fantasy. Every now and then a master comes in with his slave. In which case we play along with them and only talk to the master and ignore the slave.

Take your customers seriously

I always want to make sure our customers feel welcome and they need to know that nothing is too strange for us. It's important that they feel safe at our shop. We always take their requests seriously. As I said earlier I see it as my store but ultimately it's their store after all!

André Donker has been working as store manager at the Mister B shop in Amsterdam since August 2017.