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Rubber aprons

Putting on rubber feels like you're slipping into a tight second skin. The material can cover your body completely and you almost become one with the clothes you are wearing. Mister B designs and makes distinct latex and rubber clothing that not only looks great, but feels amazing. We also love to mix things up every once in a while and That's how we came up with our collection of rubber butcher aprons.

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Rubber butcher aprons

Wearing skin-tight rubber clothing can make you rock hard, but sometimes showing some actual skin can do the same thing. Our latex butcher aprons combine the best of both worlds. From the back they unapologetically show your bare ass, while your front is covered in rubber that will make your torso sweat. The Mister B Apron With Harness Three Way Zip Black for example is made from black rubber. Wear this one at a party or during a BDSM session and people will know you mean business. You can use the straps on your shoulders to make it longer or shorter. It comes with three strategically placed zips, including one in the crotch area. Also available as the black Mister B Rubber Butchers Apron Three Way Zip and the mega kinky Mister B Rubber Butchers Apron Three Way Zip Transparent. The latter we only make upon special request!


Gloves and boots

Our rubber butcher aprons look even more impressive when wearing rubber gloves and/or leather army boots, especially when you're into piss play or fisting. Check out our Thick Industrial Rubber Gloves and our brutal Steel Boots Skinhead Boots 20 hole to complete your look and make your butcher fantasies come true! Those little piggies will squeal with anticipation! 


Get your rubber gear at Mister B

Next to rubber aprons Mister B offers a huge collection of high quality and super sexy rubber and latex clothing including rubber suitsrubber underwear and rubber shirts and skirts and rubber accessories. We also offer aprons in other materials like our leather aprons - if rubber isn't your main fetish or if you like to try something new!