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Butt Plugs

Butt Plugs

Butt plugs

Mister B is all about toys for gay men. We offer dildos, anal balls, prostate stimulators, speculums and anal locks and we also carry a big collection of butt plugs from popular sex toy brands like Dark Crystal, TSX, Crackstuffers, All Black, BON4 and Perfect Fit. If you are into electro play you should definitely check out our Mystim butt plugs, made from medical grade aluminium.

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  1. Dark-Crystal-Elie-Butt-Plug-Clear
    Dark Crystal Elie Butt Plug Clear
    Special Price € 14.50 Regular Price € 29.00
  2. Dark-Crystal-Errico-Dildo-Clear
    Dark Crystal Errico Dildo Clear
    Special Price € 20.75 Regular Price € 41.50
  3. /7/7/776014n.jpg
    Domestic Partner B-51 Black
    Special Price € 17.60 Regular Price € 35.20
  4. /7/7/776018n.jpg
    Domestic Partner Crack Attack Black
    Special Price € 17.85 Regular Price € 35.70
  5. /7/7/776023n.jpg
    Domestic Partner Butt Bullet Black
    Special Price € 13.55 Regular Price € 27.10
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Gay butt plugs

Dark Crystal gay butt plugs are named after our Mister B employees, available in black and horny clear. They are made out of premium high-quality vinyl, with no Phthalates added and available in multiple shapes and sizes. Beginners will love the 13,5 cm long Dark Crystal Anthony Butt Plug Black and the 13 cm long Dark Crystal Elie Butt Plug Clear. If you prefer a butt plug with added ribs for some extra stimulation you should go for the 17 cm long Dark Crystal Thomas Butt Plug Black or the 18 cm long pagoda shaped Dark Crystal Mario Butt Plug Clear.


Mystim butt plugs

Mystim is a specialist for shockingly fun gay toys. The metal Mystim John Butt Plug has a 5 cm diameter. After insertion you can enjoy an erotic tickling sensation for hours. Vary and intensify the electronic stimulation until you reach a sensational orgasm. You can also heat it up with warm water or cool it in the fridge before you start playing with it if you’re into temperature play. The Mystim John Butt Plug is also available as the Mystim Big John Butt Plug and the Mystim Little John Butt Plug S.


Inflatable toys

Mister B also offers inflatable butt plugs. They are a good and gentle way to increase the size of what your hole can take. Our line of inflatable plugs is made from 2 mm thick rubber and they’re available in two variants. The first one is a soft butt plug. The second one is a plug prefilled with foam for easier insertion. When you pre-pump a little bit of air into the basic version the absence of foam shouldn't be a problem though. Check out the Inflatable Solid Butt Plug M and the Inflatable Butt Plug L.


Butt plugs and more

Take a look at our complete collection of butt plugs, anal balls, prostate stimulators, anal locks and speculums. And make sure to visit our online shop regularly for the newest and dirtiest sex toys imaginable!