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Belts and Braces

Rubber belts & braces at Mister B

Do you love rubber? You own the complete outfit from trousers to shirt, but you still have the feeling something is missing? Then give our rubber braces a try. They make you look cool, relaxed and ready for action! Our rubber braces are made from the best materials and handcrafted in our rubber workshop in The Netherlands.

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Pick your colour, pick your kink

Colours are an integral part of the fetish world. They tell your potential partner or fuck buddy what you’re into without uttering a word. That’s why our Mister B Rubber Trimmed Braces are available with black and white stripes and black and red stripes and our Mister B Rubber Braces are available in white and blue. All our rubber braces come in one size.


Can’t get enough of rubber?

Then make sure to check out our big selection of rubber suitsrubber shirts and skirtsrubber underwear and rubber accessories. You might also like our Mister B Leather Combi Harness Braces. These braces can be turned into a nice leather harness. Two looks for the price of one, so to say!