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Working at Mister B

Mister B. is one of the largest suppliers of homo-erotic fetish items in the world

We sell to a wide range of clientele through wholesalers, our webshop and our brick-and-mortar shops in Amsterdam, Berlin, Antwerp and Paris. Our head office is located in Amsterdam. We have been a familiar face in the gay scene for more than 22 years, with a specific customer focus and expansive and varied collection of erotic items. Our quality is exceptional.

Working at Mister B. is not quite the same as working in an insurance office, real estate agency or bank. This is not only because of the products we sell and surround ourselves with, but also our colleagues on the work floor. Respect and autonomy are core values at Mister B. Yet Mister B. is also a 'regular' company. We, too, must comply with legal requirements, have developed internal procedures and must earn a profit in order to safeguard the continuity of our organisation.

Having said that, it goes without saying that working at Mister B. is unique due to precisely the nature of our activities and the products we sell. This results in a unique atmosphere ‘in the office’ in which everyone can be him or herself, has opportunities to develop further and excel professionally.


Concrete and current job openings are always posted on the website. If you are looking to work specifically at Mister B., we recommend checking our website regularly. We post job opportunities not only on our website, as well as in social media, in our shops and on the regular job websites.

Our vacancies do not have a final application deadline. You can apply for jobs as long as they are still posted on the Mister B. website. It is possible, however, that your application is received at the same time as we are completing the interview process with another candidate.

Job opportunities that are no longer listed on the Mister B. website are no longer available in principle. However, you can always send us an open application letter explaining your specific interest in a specific position.


We send confirmation of receipt for all applications we receive. After receiving your application, we first conduct a general check based on the most important job requirements.

If you meet these requirements, your CV and accompanying e-mail will be sent to the manager of the department with the vacancy. He or she will then review your application. You will probably be contacted by phone by the manager and HR regarding your application and with regard to more specific job requirements.

First Interview

During this meeting, all of the positive and negative aspects of your background (after all, no one is perfect) will be reviewed. If the manager is positive about your application, you will be sent an invitation from HR for an initial interview by phone. During this interview, which usually lasts no more than 15 to 20 minutes, your application is reviewed in detail and any specific questions that our organisation may have regarding your e-mail or CV are discussed.

The goal of the first phone interview is to determine whether there are enough points of departure for a face-to-face interview. During this conversation, we will also provide you with more information on Mister B. and the organisation behind the name. If we both believe that there is a good match, we will agree at the end of the conversation on a time and date for a second, face-to-face interview at our office. This second interview will take place with the manager of the department with the vacancy. The procedure for open applications is similar. The greatest difference is that both the first (phone) interview and, if relevant, second interview take place with HR at our office. The goal of both interviews is to determine whether there are opportunities for us to work together in the future.

Second Interview

The second interview is always held at or office (or shop) and conducted by the manager of the department with the vacancy. The goal is to get better acquainted, meet the person behind the CV and discuss your background and application in more detail. You can expect to be asked for numerous examples of past and specific work experience. Naturally, you will also be given the opportunity to ask questions.

After the second interview, an evaluation will take place as soon as possible between the manager and HR to determine the results of your application. The manager’s opinion is the most important factor since this will be your new manager with whom you will be working in the future. We always try to inform you about the results within five business days.

In the unlikely event that the outcome is not positive, we will try to provide as much detail as possible as to why we have decided against working together with you. If the evaluation is positive, you will also be offered an employment contract together with the results of the interview process. A starting date will also be determined.

You will be sent the employment contract as soon as possible. This contract is based on the agreements we have made with you.

We would like to stay in touch with those candidates who almost make it to the final stage of the hiring process and those who send an open application and we have both concluded that the match is a good one. After receiving your written approval, we will keep your details on file for a maximum of six months.

Even though this is a job interview, we make every effort to put you at ease and make sure the meeting takes place on an equal and respectful basis. That is because we believe that this approach brings out the best in the candidate. The candidate’s experience during the entire recruitment process is important to us. After all, even if the match isn’t the right one, we hope you will become an ambassador of Mister B.

Our recruitment process continues to evolve and change, as does our company and market in which we operate. Although we always make every effort to present our organisation as professionally and authentically as possible, we are also open to fun, interesting and innovative tips to improve the process (and ourselves).

The right candidate

Mister B. is always looking for the absolutely perfect candidate. What employer isn’t? In all fairness, we honestly believe this is possible. Not only are we looking for a candidate who fits our ‘hard’ job requirements (right work experience and education), but also ‘soft’ requirements like personality, character, discipline and humour. These are all matters that are important to us.

To put it simply Mister B. is not only looking for inspiring new colleagues who genuinely make the difference, but also people with knowledge of the gay world in which we do business and with passion and respect for the products we sell.