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Our Current Vacancies:

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Please check our Jobs page regularly.

If there are no Vacancies at this time please check later, or you can submit an Open Application.

For information about working with Mister B you can contact HR by:

Your application:

If, after reading the vacancy text, you became interested in a career at Mister B, please send your resume with your cover letter to hrm@misterb.com

At Mister B we believe that differences make us stronger and better together.

We stand for equal career opportunities for everyone. Wherever you come from, whatever your gender, age or sexual orientation may be and whether or not you have an occupational disability, we value and assess you for your qualities, your commitment and the efforts you make to Mister B's contributions. We only look at your qualities, not at your disadvantages.

That is why we are absolutely fine if you do not include a date and place of birth in your resume.

We aim to reply to you within two weeks.

The first job interview:

If we believe that based on your cv and motivation a match is possible, we invite you for a first and exploratory interview. This is with the HR Manager and usually also with the manager of the department where the vacancy exists.

The second job interview:

If we both want to continue talking after the first job interview, we will schedule a follow-up meeting. For some vacancies we also ask you to do an assessment.

It’s a match!

If we are both enthusiastic after the interviews, we will make you an offer to work for us.