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Mister B Brand Stores

Mister B Amsterdam

Mister B started on the 2nd of March 1994 when we opened our first shop in the Warmoesstraat in Amsterdam. At the time the range of stock Mister B Amsterdam was able to offer was limited, but our enthusiasm for what we were doing was enormous. In the years that followed we started to sell more than just premium quality leather and rubber clothing. We also became specialists for SM accessories and toys for men. Not just offline, but also online since 1998!

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Mister B Antwerp

The perfect welcome to Belgium’s fetish capital is the Mister B Antwerp brand store. This is a one-of-a-kind fetish boutique located in the old centre of Belgium’s second-largest city. The Mister B Antwerp brand store opened its doors in December 2014 close to the iconic MAS building in the renovated harbour area with its famous red-light district. The store combines the classic Mister B style with modern design elements of wood and iron.

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Mister B Berlin

As you know Mister B loves to explore. That’s why we expanded our horizons and opened our second Mister B brandstore in the German capitol Berlin. Mister B Berlin started in 2000 in the Nollendorfstrasse in the famous gay district Schöneberg. Within 5 years we outgrew the store space and relocated to the Motzstrasse. This new location gave us the opportunity to offer an extensive range of products and services equal to our Amsterdam store, with a friendly and enthusiastic team to assist both locals and tourists alike.

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Mister B Concept Stores

Homoware Copenhagen

Welcome to Homoware, the Copenhagen Mister B concept store. Copenhagen is steadily growing into becoming the fetish capital of Scandinavia. The Boys from Homoware are all players in the Copenhagen gay fetish scene and truly know the products they sell. The Mister B part of the range consists of their leather, rubber, neoprene and Urban clothing lines and a large selection of high quality toys & accessories.

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RUFF Gear Frankfurt

After having opened in 2017 as RAW, the first pure men's fetish store to open in the well-known area of Frankfurt-Sachsenhausen, RUFF Gear Frankfurt was renamed as such in 2019. Close to the Main river and surrounded by all kinds of independent specialty retailers, the first concept store of Mister B is ideally located. The New York style industrial design invites you to get inspired and wanting to discover new things.

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VAST Fetish Gear Dortmund

Loved in various scenes since 2005 and formerly known as DeMask, VAST Fetish Gear has a solid reputation in Dortmund and way beyond, offering you 400 sqm of high-quality fetish and BDSM. Mister B afficionados since 2010, VAST has now dedicated an entire floor of their space to offer you the widest assortment and finest selection of our brand possible. Welcome to Mister B at VAST!

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MGW Cologne

Welcome to MGW (aka Mega Gay World) Cologne! Cologne is the unofficial gay capitol of Germany, a title that its inhabitants are super proud of! The city is a hot spot for gay men, mainly because of its numerous circuit parties that are known all across Europe. Plus, it’s a place where a lot of people openly live out their fetish lifestyle!

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Mister B around the world

Mister B specialises in high quality fetish goods and is a one-stop-shop for the customer looking for an extensive range of gay and fetish products. From premium leather and rubber clothing to our toy ranges for men range and many other (BDSM) accessories, such as whips, cuffs, toys, lubricants, condoms and much more.

Our Wholesale and Internet department delivers to 500 shops worldwide on a daily basis, including our Mister B Brand Stores in Amsterdam, Antwerp and Berlin, our Concept Stores in Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Dortmund and Zurich and 16 shop-in-shops around the world including Warsaw, Amsterdam, Oslo, Cologne, Budapest, Melbourne, Lyon, Dublin, Johannesburg, Madrid and Poznan.

Simply put we are the fetish shop near you! If you have any questions, suggestions or complaints, please do not hesitate to contact us.