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Topped Toys Hilt 135 - Blue Steel


The Hilt 135 dildo is a rideable knotted toy with a wicked curve and inverted oblong shapes that rub you right. This rough ride comes in the extra sensitive HD finish to make sure you feel every inch.

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Starting at the top, the head features a contoured spine that orients the toy in your hole either forward or backward depending on how you like to take the swept curve of the shaft. Slide past the head and you'll appreciate the pronounced spike as it makes its way into you. You'll also appreciate the oblong cross section of the shaft and the inflated curve that pressures your prostate. Riding this shaft is a ton of fun, but it doesn't stop there.

Once you've tired of pounding your hole with the shaft it's time to get to work on one massive knot. The orientation of the shaft is perpendicular to the orientation of the oblong knot, meaning you'll need to stretch extra wide when taking it all. At 13.5 inches around the knot on the Hilt is a hunk of silicone to be reckoned with. The entry is blunt on one side with a gentle art deco inspired flow on the other, allowing you to work over it in a few different ways. Any way you do it, it's a thrill to pop this amorphous beast past your first ring as the tip of the shaft pushes through your second.

Give the Hilt a ride and you'll see why we're calling it our first knotted dildo.


Dimensions (in)

Hilt 135

Knot Circumference        13.5 inches

Knot Width         4.3 inches

Head Circumference      8.5 inches

Head Diameter 2.7 inches

Shaft Circumference       9.75 inches

Shaft Diameter  3.1 inches

Neck Circumference       8.5 inches

Neck Diameter  2.7 inches

Insertable           9.5 inches


Dimensions (cm)

Hilt         135

Knot Circumference        34.3 cm

Knot Width         10.9 cm

Head Circumference      21.6 cm

Head Diameter 6.9 cm

Shaft Circumference       24.8 cm

Shaft Diameter  9.4 cm

Neck Circumference       21.6 cm

Neck Diameter  6.9 cm

Insertable           24.13 cm

Mehr Informationen

Mehr Informationen
EAN 061351
Marke Topped Toys
Colour Blau
Gewicht (kg) 0.000000
Material Silikon

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